Create and Manage a Service Object

This is the simplest way to get data published on servIoTicy, or to access others’ public data also.

servIoTicy API reference available at

Create a Service Object Descriptor

A Service Object is the basic building block for working with data in servIoTicy. It is the virtual counterpart of a physical device (either directly connected to the web or accessible through a gateway). It can be used to publish data generated by the device, to retrieve data stored in servIoTicy, or even to initiate actuations on the devices.

All the details of the Service Object descriptor format can be found in this section, but here you have a simple working example to start with!

Register a new Service Object in servIoTicy

This process registers the Service Object in the servIoTicy platform, and makes it usable once it has been succesfully deployed.

You need to provide your API KEY (you can find it in your the section “My Account” once you log in in the servIoTicy portal) and the previously created Service Object description.

IMPORTANT! On success, you will receive a response code informing you about your Service Object ID (SOID). You will need this SOID to interact with your newly created Service Object in the future!

Retrieve the list of Service Objects you own

You created a Service Object and you forgot its SOID? No problem, you can use this call to retrieve all your Service Objects in a second…

Use this call…

…and get your list of SOIDs!

Retrieve the description of a Service Object

You can always retrieve the description of previously created Service Object. You only need your API TOKEN and the SOID of the Service Object.

Use this call to retrieve the description…

… and this is what you get back!