Pushing and consuming data

This is the simplest way to get data published on servIoTicy, or to access others’ public data also.

Important Format Restrictions:

The lastUpdate field in a sensor update is a timestamp (unix time, epoch) and therefore must be a long

For spatial queries, a channel named location with type ‘geo_point‘ must be added to the stream, and the field current-value of the location channel must be a string that represents the latitude and longitude as comma separated values: “34.5445 , 3.5533”

The field current-value of every channel is the only field that can be used for data composition, and it must be a string, numeric or boolean json value. No nested json documents are accepted.

servIoTicy API reference available at docs.servioticy.com

Publish data

If you want to publish data in this format

You can send it with this command

And get this positive response

Retrieving data from the platform

With your API TOKEN and the SOID, you can retrieve all data published for the sensor with the following call

And this is what you get

You can add several modifiers to the retrieve operations to perform more accurate queries, as described in this section!